Pocket Highlights from Klaus Breyer

This page is created by an personal open source project of mine called Pocket-Highlights to extracts my Highlights from Pocket and format them for easy copy & pastable into Roam Research. Read more in my blog post.

“Third places” as community builders, Carmen Diaz,Stuart M Butler, 2021

How to Kill a Unicorn, Chris Frantz, 2021


My role models, or, a few stories of others to live by, 2021

How I Build JavaScript Apps In 2021, Tim Daubenschütz, 2021

Maximizing Developer Effectiveness, Tim Cochran, 2021

Context switching costs more than we give it credit for., Mayank Verma, 2021

How to remember what you learn, Vasili Shynkarenka., 2021

My goals for 2021, interesting lives, and other considerations, 2021

No Meetings, No Deadlines, No Full-Time Employees, 2021

Billionaires Build, 2021

Boundaries and Infinities: A Post about Responsibility, 2021

How to Stop Endless Discussions, 2021

Difficult Conversations, 2021

Setting up personal OKR [JFM-2021], Pravendra Singh, 2021

State machines are wonderful tools, Chris Wellons, 2021

What Shape are You?, 2021

My favorite essays of life advice, 2020

Systems design explains the world: volume 1, 2020

Validation is a mirage, Jason Fried, 2020

100 Tips for a Better Life, Ideopunk, 2020

How to be indistractable, Kira-Anne Pelican, 2020

5 Predictions for 2021, 2020

What comes after smartphones?, Benedict Evans, 2020

How to Think for Yourself, 2020

Container orchestration tools explained, 2020

Why Life Can’t Be Simpler, 2020

Early Work, 2020

Apple University Dean Shares Deep Dive Into Apple's Organizational Structure, Juli Clover, 2020

Systems thinking for startups, 2020

On Being Bipolar, Andrea Bennett, 2020

Marc Andreessen On Productivity, Scheduling, Reading Habits, Work, and More, Marc Andreessen,Sriram Krishnan, 2020

Being OK With Not Being Extraordinary, 2020

If it's a Nice Problem to Have, Don't Solve it Now, 2020

Misunderstanding "Skin in the Game", Alex Danco, 2020

Attention is your scarcest resource, 2020

Derek Sivers & The Art of Enough, Brendan Cahill, 2020

Remote work is a platform, Jason Fried, 2020

Antifragility, 2020

Looking Back on Four Years at The Times, Nick Rockwell, 2020

Solving online events, Benedict Evans, 2020

Life is Made of Unfair Coin Flips, 2020

How to Write Usefully, 2020

Eine Handvoll mutige Menschen machen eine lebensdienliche Wirtschaft, 2020

The Quiet Revolution of Animal Crossing, Ian Bogost, 2020